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How to become a teacher

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You are expected to follow the followings to become a Tutor / Instructor:

  • Fill out the Form
  • Wait for the approval from the Admin
  • Publish your Tutorial as per the Guideline in the next tab - Instructor Rules
  • Share your published Tutorial with your friends / students / audience / social media
  • Get Paid
  • Don’t assume your students know what you mean
  • Keep the instructions as simple as possible
  • Give concrete examples
  • Don’t assume your students know what you mean
  • Use a good Screen Recorder with good Screen Resolution
  • Go slow, short and sweet
    • Watch your mouse cursor
    • Don’t circle things
    • Don’t move at the speed of light
    • Smooth out cursor motion in screen recordings
    • If you can, cut out mistakes and unneeded content
  • Record your teaching with good camera with good lighting
  • Audio quality matters, so make sure to have less noise / no noise environment
  • Don’t use the microphone built into your computer
  • Get rid of background noise
  • Use Good Microphone for better sound production
  • Have a plan about what you’re going to say
  • Length can impact effectiveness, so keep that in mind
  • Know where you’re going to share your video

You are expected to include the following during the creation of your course:

  • Create Lesson > Publish
  • Create Course > Add Curriculum
  • Curriculum > Details > Name of the Section
  • Curriculum > Details > Add Section Description
  • Assign the created Lessons to the Course
  • Course Settings > General > Level of the course
  • Course Settings > General > Featured review
  • Course Settings > General > Total Duration Info of the course
  • Course Settings > General > Languages
  • Course Settings > Pricing > Regular Price
  • Course Settings > Pricing > Sale Price
  • Course Settings > Pricing > Regular Price
  • Course Settings > Extra Information > Requirements
  • Course Settings > Extra Information > Target Audience
  • Course Settings > Extra Information > Key Features
  • Course Settings > Assessment > Evaluation by
  • Course Settings > Assessment > Passing Grade (%)
  • Course Settings > Certificate > Set the Certificate to the Course
  • Publish it
  • Now, you are you ready to share your courses with your audience